What Is eSolve?

eSolve is a hosted, cloud based website platform. It allows you to select from a range of pre-built website's that best suit the requirement of your online presence. If you need a simple 5 pager website to tell clients about your business or if you have products you would like to advertise online;  eSolve is the solution. If none of our pre-built websites work for you, we can build a new template that fit your requirement.

eSolve is home-grown in the northern suburbs of Cape Town - Bellville in the good Republic of South Africa. The platform is hosted in a secure, fast and reliable data-centre located in Cape Town. It  is fully backed up and support by trained engineers. Our solution ensures lightning-fast web browsing speeds that guarantees an enjoyable web user experience.

The platform functions either in CMS mode or eCommerce mode. In Content Management Mode (CMS), you have control over nearly every content aspect of your website. You can add additional pages and menu items via our easy to use dashboard. Additionally, in eCommerce mode, you can list your product catalogue and trade online.


What Makes eSolve Different

We do the work. Yes, you want a website fast and can choose to build a website yourself but why would you do that? You take your car to an expert as they know what they are doing right? So why should websites be different.

Here, at eSolve we create pre-built websites that we update with your content and corporate identity that allows you to get a awesome website quickly with minimal effort required from yourself. You don't have to know anything about web design or the technical operations there-off to get a good looking website today that is mobile friendly and search engine optimized.

How to get your eSolve Website


Choose It

Browse from our various templates we have to offer. If you have a business that simply needs an one pager summarizing your info, then look for an option that best suit your requirement.

Try It

Once your have made your selection proceed with the checkout process where we will require some basic details from you. After the checkout, eSolve will install your template and notify you via email when your website installation process is complete and ready to access.

Then, if satisfied - Buy It

An eSolve Consultant will contact you to find out if we have met your expectation and to enquire about any additional requirements that you may have. If so, we will proceed by sending you an 50% deposit invoice corresponding to the amount advertised during the checkout process. After we receive payment, one of our web gurus will update your selected website template with your corporate colours, logos and other information.


Mobile Friendly - Responsive

Mobile devices has really put a spin on the evolution of websites. Years back, device displays where getting bigger and better. Gone were the "bad-old-days" of green coloured 14 inch monochrome displays. But hang on, nowadays the exact opposite has happened, strike the green monochromes.

Websites are now loaded and must look good on a variety of devices with different screen sizes. In the past, website navigation was dominated by mouse pointer clicks but now users must be able to tap on a device's display to navigate through complex content.

When coding a design, we keep all these factors in mind. We are constantly improving the way our templates interacts with the user environment it will be used on. Mobile website traffic now (2016) accounts for about 40% of website Internet traffic. Search engines, like Google for instance, treat non mobile friendly website different to those that are.

Be sure that the choice of your next website is Mobile Friendly and Responsive, all our options are.

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What People Are Saying About Us

  • Absolutely love your system. So far so good, it is so easy to use and without much training!

    - Mirjam, Educanda

  • The website is really looking great and I am extremely positive about it and happy with it so far.

    - Jeremy, The Bead Shop

  • Our companies requirements where accomplished satisfying and exceeding all our expectations
    by the delivered finished and exceptional product, thanks

    - Jason Hedenskog, IQ Retail

  • I would just like to thank you for all your help. You have a great team of guys and really nice to work with.

    - Stephan Burger, Eye Cafe

  • What a breath of fresh air. I can complement the guys on the good work they do for us.

    - Nick Botha, Inco Safety

  • I am really enjoying the new E-solve layout and finding it very user friendly and so simple to use.
    An awesome product backed by great service.  Well done 21 Digital!

    - Victor Atherton, Proto Trading