What Is eSolve?

eSolve is a hosted, cloud based website platform. It allows you to select from a range of pre-built website's that best suit the requirement of your online presence. If you need a simple 5 pager website to tell clients about your business or if you have products you would like to advertise online;  eSolve is the solution. If none of our pre-built websites work for you, we can build a new template that fit your requirement.

eSolve is home-grown in the northern suburbs of Cape Town - Bellville in the good Republic of South Africa. The platform is hosted in a secure, fast and reliable data-centre located in Cape Town. It  is fully backed up and support by trained engineers. Our solution ensures lightning-fast web browsing speeds that guarantees an enjoyable web user experience.

The platform functions either in CMS mode or eCommerce mode. In Content Management Mode (CMS), you have control over nearly every content aspect of your website. You can add additional pages and menu items via our easy to use dashboard. Additionally, in eCommerce mode, you can list your product catalogue and trade online.