Other API Integrations

Find the Gap is the company behind the MDR (Master Data Repository). Via the process, Master Data Management FTG has created a single instance, clean and concise product catalogue database combining some of the word's most renowned supplier product databases. In the process of create the database, a Global Unique Identifier has been assigned to each product across all product instance records. These records can then be used as an unimpeachable data source for the use in Commerce websites / ERP Systems and Mobile Application to name a few.

Our eSolve system has been integrated with Find The Gap's system. The process greatly reduces the amount of effort required for both B2B and B2C enterprises to present a concise and professional web presence.

If you have a data requirement and require your catalogue to be cleaned up and Global unique identifiers issued to your list of product, contact Find the Gap. Details on their website here.



Logic SMS is a mass SMS sending platform. eSolve is integrated with LogicSMS. That means that you can send an SMS message to your users directly from the eSolve Control panel. When user registers, the system can send you the user a welcome message. You can also use the system to notify users of the status of their orders, notify them when a product arrives back in stock or congratulate them with their birthday. Go the extra mile when communicating with your user using LogicSMS and eSolve. Simply, create and LogicSMS account. Then notify us to active the LogicSMS module for you on your website. The module is priced at R 558.60 incl VAT and has monthly license fee of R 89 p/m. SMS credits are purchased directly from LogicSMS and start from 21c incl VAT depending on the volumes purchased. Visit the LogicSMS website here.


Price Check is a price comparison platform. With our "Price Check" integration, you can easily publish selected items from your product catalogue to list on Price Check. The items you published, are then compared to those of other suppliers. Factors that influence a user to purchase does not only have to do with price. "Stock Available" and "Time to Deliver" also plays a role. These factors and, yes the price, will influence the web users decision. The link-ins from Price Check to your website also helps drive traffic that in turn will increase your page rank. If you are interested in listing your products on Price Check, please contact us to activate the module.  The module is priced at R 1117.20 incl VAT and has a monthly license fee of R 89 p/m. For more information on the Price Check service, please click here.


OpenWeatherMap is an advance weather forecasting platform. The data is public domain and available free of charge providing the acceptable use policy is met. If you want details weather on your website the service might be for you. Let say you have an Events calendar on your website and you want to show the weather forecast of the location of the venue, integration with OpenWeatherMap will make that possible. There is no set fee for the implementation of OpenWeatherMaps on your website. Please contact us for a quote.  For more information about OpenWeatherMap, please visit their website here.