Mobile Friendly - Responsive

Mobile devices has really put a spin on the eveloution of web design. Years back, device displayes where getting bigger and better. Gone where the "bad-old-days" of green coloured 14inch monochrome displays. But hang on, nowadays the exact opposite is happend, strike the green monochromes.

Websites are now loaded and must look good on a varietity of devices with different screen sizes. In the past, website navigation was dominated by the mouse pointer but now users must be able to tap on a devices's display to navigate often complex content.

When coding a design, we keep all these factors in mind. We are constantly improving the way our templates interacts with the environment it will be used on. Mobile website traffic now (2016) accounts for about 40% of website Internet traffic. Search engines, like Google for instance, treat non mobile friendly website different to those that are.

Be sure that the choice of your next website is Mobile Friendly and Responsive.