eSolve Mobile

eSolve Mobile

The eSolve mobile application, built for Android and IOS, allow the eSolve administrator to load rep accounts on the eSolve website dashboard. Company sales representatives can use the application to access useful information in the field and on the go.

Providing that you have opted to make use of our data integration serves to one of accounting system platforms we integrated to, product relevant data as like price and onhand can be made available to the mobile application for quick access.

The data syncronised is stored on the device's memory allowing the application to be used even when there is no Internet connection available.

Main features include:

  • Synchronize the product catalogue data such as stock code, onhand, prices, description and product image for offline access on.
  • Synchronize client (debtor accounts). Details include current balance, contact and address details.
  • Use the built-in address books to retrieve client details such as the client's address, telephone number and GPS co-ordinates (opens in Google Maps)
  • Easily add contact details to the mobile devices address book for out-of-app use.
  • Capture Sales Orders and Quote request and then submit to for processing when in an Internet rich area.
  • Automatically download orders and or quotes into your accounting system. Omni Accounts and IQ Retail software packages supported.
  • Log Rep locations (GPS coordinates) in order to monitor visits to your clients.
  • View account Sales totals.
  • Multiple layout displays for easier navigation while presenting your products. Small and Larger screen layout. 3.5 - 10inch Tablet supported.
  • Barcode scanning to easily reference products already being supplied. EAN13 / Code 39 and QR codes are among those supported.

In order to make use of the eSolve Mobile Reps app, you need to have an eSolve instance. Order imports are possible depending on the integration options for the accounting package. You are welcome to download and use the application on our DEMO Store.

Android - Download

To get the Application, please download it from the Google Play Store:

Direct link:

iOS - iPhone / iPad - Download

Coming soon. January 2020

LIVE / DEMO Store access:

When running the application you will be requested to supply your username and password. If you aren't yet subscribed to use the application, your login details to live data won't work. Please contact us should you wish for a demo on your already active eSolve data. Alternatively, on the presented login screen, please select the "Continue as Demo User" option to test the application using the demo data option. The demo store can be located at

Fees - Once off and Monthly


Initial Setup Cost - Once off fee:

The application download is free of charge from the Google Playstore.
R 1565 setup and configuration fee  (1800.00 incl VAT.)

Subscription Fees ( Per device ):

R 304 (R 350 p/m incl VAT) - for 1 - 5 devices.
R 260 (R 300 p/m incl VAT) - for 6 - 10 devices.
R 243 (R280 p/m incl VAT) -  for 11 - 20 device.
R 173 (R200.00 p/m incl VAT - 21 - 100 devices.

- Subscription Payments are billed in advance and are payable via EFT or Debit order.

Important NOTE:
To make use of the eSolve Reps Mobile Application you will need to have an existing installation of our eSovle data services. If you have an eSolve license, this cost is already included in your monthly hosting fee.
If you are planning to use the Application as stand-alone (No B2B, B2C ordering or eCommerce) a monthly service fee and items listing fee will be applicable.

The pricing structure for our eSolve data services required for the use of the eSolve Reps app would be:

Monthly Fees ( Hosting and Licensing )

  eSolve eCommerce Site License Fee @ R 150 per month
  Items Listing Fees:
1 - 100 # Catalogue Items – Listing Fee first 100 items FREE
101 - 1000 # Catalogue Items – Listing Fee: 101 - 1,000 Online Stock Items @ R 15.00 per 100 items (R 0.15 per item)
1001 - 2000 # Catalogue Items – Listing Fee: 1,001 – 2,000 Online Stock Items @ R 13.00 per 100 items (R 0.13 per item)
2001 - 5000 # Catalogue Items – Listing Fee: 2,001 – 5,000 Online Stock Items @ R 11.00 per 100 items (R 0.11 per item)
5001 - 10000   # Catalogue Items – Listing Fee: 5,001 -10,000 Online Stock Items @ R 9.00 per 100 items (R 0.09 per item)
10000 # Catalogue Items – Listing Fee: 10,001 Online Stock Items @ R 1.50 per 100 items (R 0.02 per item)

Monthly Pricing in Example - No Existing eSolve product (B2B, B2C or eCommerce):

Case Study:

An eSolve instance listing 1000 items with accounting system integration 3 devices (3 Reps); you can expect to pay:

R 912.00  (eSolve Reps Licensing fee, 3 Devices)
R 450.00 (eSolve Accounting Software Update Center p/m) * Optional
R 150.00 (eSolve eCommerce, Software Services Licensing Fee)
R 135.00 (1000 Items Listing Fee)

= R   1647p/m excl VAT ( R 1894.05 incl VAT )

Note: The example assumes that accounting system integration is a requirement. However, the feature is optional.

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