Content Management:
Online Shop:
  • Supports Unlimited Product / Line Items
    (* Subject to Pricing)
  • Multi-Level Category Support
    (min requirement: Category Subcategory)
  • Related products and Cross Selling
  • Sell by Brand and Balance of Range.
  • Best Sellers, Most Popular Items
  • Featured Products, Latest Arrivals
  • Favourite Categories / Sub-Categories
  • Supports Wishlist for repeat shopping
  • Special and Discounts
  • Grouped Items (size / colour / content variations)
  • Email to a Friend (Product information with link)
  • Stock Comparisons
  • Stock Dependencies
  • Stock Recipes
  • Bulk import of products (csv file)
  • Bulk export of products (csv file)
  • Wholesale Pricing Support
  • Shopping Cart Summary
  • Order Reporting and Management
  • User Order History & Wishlist
  • Predictive Product Search
  • Affiliates Tracking
  • Simple Checkout

Logistics and Geo-location:
  • Billing Multiple Shipping Address Support
  • Shipping / Delivery Cost Recovery - Local and Domestic
  • Free Delivery over x value purchased
  • Various Shipping Cost Calculation Methods - By Weight, By Volume, Volumetric or Flat Rate
  • Price per Country Support
  • Multiple Currency Support (updated automatically)
  SEO and Social Media:
  • Product Image Thumbnails with Big Image view / zoom of products. Supports up to 5 additional images per product.
  • Accept real time Credit Card Payments (MyGate / VCS / PayPal)
  • Accept EFT payments
  • Tax / VAT Calculation
  • User Access Levels (Administrator)
  • Multiple Branch Support and Order Routing

  • Stand alone installation or add to existing site
  • Based on mySQL database & PHP
  • Hosted in South Africa on dedicated web servers - IIS7 managed.
  • 100% managed, Control Panel Web Administration.
  • Free Support.
  • Free updates, bug fixes & enhancements
  • Secure, reliable hosting
  • Proprietary Software (Customizable)
  • Fraud protection module (Email Account Verification)
  • Full SSL Support (https://) with dedicated IP address if required

Accounting Software:
  • Omni Accounts Integration
    (Stock Inventory including Stock Images, Sales Order Imports via Omni Automation Switch SF187 and Import Templates)
  • Integrity Trader (Stock Inventory Updates)
  • IQ Accounts (Stock Inventory & Image Updates)
  • Custom integrations on request
  • Offline capability, e.g. Sales Reps Ordering via eSolve Reps App


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