One software version, always.

With most other content management website platforms out there, you are resposible for making sure that your website and the underlying technologies such as PHP and MySQL stays up to date on the latest software version thereby potecting your website from security threats. Not with us.

This presents a couple of challanges that eSolve doesn't suffer from.

Software Dependancy

Our modules, features and the base software is developed and maintained by us. Not Third parties are involved. We therefore know exacly how every aspect of our system works. With some other systems, when a plugin or feature / module is created, it is often 3rd part developers creating those moduels whom doesn't neccesarily keep in mind that new versions of the software or underliying technology will be released in the future. This creates issues with software depandancies that isn't easy to overcome. Some compansies even hire the services of IT support staff to maintain their website's modules and underlying technology at high costs.


When we make improvements on our software, the change are tested in a development environment. When we are happy that the work done is sound, we move the source code from development to production. These changes are then globally available to all our clients and simply needs to be implemented when the need arise.


When we upgrade the technology that eSolve runs on, like for instance the version of PHP, a mirrored operation of the actual production environment is used to test it's stability and performance before we migrate over to the new version of that particular technology. This helps us keep with the times with minimal risk ensuring a stable product.


Testing and Quality assurance is done on every version before release but it has happend that a bug is introduced in the software. Because of our way of doing things, these issues are normally be address very quickly. Bug fixes has never taken more than 2 days to complete, ever.