eSolve eCommerce Templates

These website templates are well suited for the business that wants to catalogue their products online or sell trade online. You can view each website template option and view a live preview of the website. If you find something you like, add it to the shopping cart and checkout. From here, your new website will be installed on our servers. A consultant will contact you to gather requirements from you that you'd like us to change on the template and populate it with your content. We allow 5 hours of labour per template to customize it according you your corporate identity (logo and colour scheme).

You can populate these website yourself and you are able manage nearly every aspect of the website. Install your website today. It's risk free and if you don't like our product, you aren't obligated to make any payment. We allow a 14 day evaluation period on your selection.

These template are integrated to IQ Retail and Omni Accounting packages. Please read more about our accounting software integrations here.

  • From: R 10,925.00
    Jim's Tools, eSolve eCommerce Template
  • From: R 10,925.00
    Tech Store, eSolve eCommerce Template
  • From: R 10,925.00
    Koffie Hokkie, eSolve eCommerce Template
  • From: R 10,925.00
    Moto, eSolve eCommerce Template
  • From: R 10,925.00
    Builders World, eSolve eCommerce Template
  • From: R 10,925.00
    Simple Living, eSolve eCommerce Template

Nothing catching your eye?

If non of the templates catches your eye, don't worry. We also built custom website. Call or email us to discuss your requirement.

It is very rare that we can't change one of our existing templates to meet your "look-and-feel" requirement. That said, you have one of the following options:

We can build custom website from:

- A designed PhotoShop (PSD) file supplied by your Graphic Designer.
- We can contract a graphic designer on your behalf to meet your "look-and-feel" requirements.
- Build a new eSolve website based on a purchased framework template like Bootstrap or Foundation. We can source these templates on your behalf.
- Convert your existing website to eSolve. In example, your are happy with your current websites "look-and-feel" but you can't update the content yourself.

If a custom website is the route to go for you, then we will give you a cost estimate based on your requirement.