New Ideas makes for great new modules

We have always followed an "Agile Development " approach with regard to the esolve platform. Instead of sitting in long boring development meetings cooking up functionality that we think our clients might need we decided: "Hey, why not ask the client what they want?".

Alltough there were modules that we have developed based on market trends, we have always placed what the client needs first. An good example of this was when we created our dynamic menu module ( that allows users to add and remove navigational menu items from the system ). That module was requested by one of our clients. Another was when we where requested to add "Free Shipping" to the system as an delivery option.

These request where pooled into a development list and based on the input from our development team and other clients we prioritise what functionality we create ultimately improving the system and making that functionality available to all our clients.

These greate new ideas has been insturmental in developing eSolve into what it is today.