eSolve is realiable and safe to use

When it comes to the hardware that backs our software, we aren't playing around. Our software runs of cutting edge Dell servers. These servers are in a biometrically access controlled data-centre facility in Cape Town that has more security than the American president's "Air force One"; well almost. The data-centre has backup power and the building's rooms are air-conditioned making sure our precious machines don't overheat. The servers are maintained by technically brilliant people with proper experience in running and maintaining the complex infrastructure.

The network infrastructure has redundant independent connections to the Internet to ensure that your website is; and always will be available.

Routine maintenance has been required in the past but we boast with a 95% uptime percentage and a dead-server to full functionality rating of under 24 hours.

All the data on the servers are backed up just in-case the worst possible scenario happens additionally to the redundant storage systems installed on every server mirroring every byte of data.

Rest assured that with your website on eSolve, we take every precaution to ensure that your website stays available and accessible 24/7.