eSolve is integrated with SnapScan - Mobile payment App

What is SnapScan

SnapScan is a mobile payment solution application that is downloaded and installed on your flavour of smart phone. With SnapScan, cardless transactions is a breeze thanks to an encryption technology that saves and imprint of your credit card in the secure storage on you mobile phone.

How does it work

Every SnapScan merchant is issues a unique merchant id that is encoded in a QR barcode. A user can use their phone to scan this ID and make a payment for a random amount or a pre-defined value. During the checkout process on an eSolve eCommerce powered online store, the online shopper will be presented with such a QR code and scan that in order to make a payment for the amount displayed in the shopping cart summary. The merchant is instantly notified the payment made and a proper record of the transaction saved for future reference.

Download SnapScan

In order to download SnapScan, please follow this link