Fully Content Managed (CMS)

eSolve has full CMS (content management system) features that allow users to create dynamic linkable content known as media articles which translates to website pages or editable content area's within the various modules. Created media articles or content pages can in turn be linked to other media articles or even system modules.

The system has a built in WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor that allow quick and easy updates to content, making management of your website's copy text easy. The WYSIWYG editor can be loaded via the back-end control panel, or on some website pages as an in-line front-end editor which provides a more visual feel of the edited content.

Media articles can be grouped allowing the administrator to easily associate content related to each other. Media groups also allows for the creation of dynamic content indexing that simplifies user navigation.

Other features include the ability to edit META TAG SEO information such as Title, Description and Keywords. The system offers a built in Keyword Density Calculator function which assists with search engine optimization to achieve better search engine indexing of your website content.

Specific Media Articles / Website Pages can be assigned to specific non-administrator users who are given permission to only edit specific website content pages.

Stock items can also displayed and linked within be associated with media articles / website pages. This is quite useful for a product review page where the associated product or products can be displayed with "Add to Card" within the page. This way, the website user does not have to be redirect to the shopping cart layout page to be able to add the item to their cart.